beautiful foundations
beautiful foundations
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Marie-claire saunders

In May 2014 my husband and I were congratulating ourselves that we'd finished decorating our house just in time for our baby to be born. The next evening I went into labour and in our rush to the hospital late at night, we accidentally left the bath water running... Cue five hours later and my husband got a phone call from our neighbour to say that our house alarm was ringing and water was pouring through every ceiling... (Thankfully I was unaware until the day after!) Every single room needed new floors and to be re-painted. By some amazing twist of fate the only room that wasn't affected in any way was the nursery. The four and a half months of drying out and re-decorating that followed was actually the best thing to happen to our house! We were bold with our choices and ended up with something much more beautiful than what we had started with. Choosing colours and leafing through magazines also re-ignited a long-standing passion for interiors and decorating. This, coupled with a desire to write, is where beautiful foundations was born.

After having to completely re-create our own home, I'd love for everyone to have a place that is a reflection of themselves and a sanctuary to come home to. My goal is to provide ideas and inspiration to help you make your house your own.